“Practicing Art as Service”


Media & Studio Arts Symposium

Time-Based Arts & Technology

Practicing Art as Service

February 15, 2019 | 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Joey Ostrander

Description: Joey shares the story of his journey from being a University of Michigan student to being a successful creative professional, maker, interpreter and teacher on large collaborative projects, films and productions.

Presenter Bio:

In 90s suburban Detroit, as a teenager pretending to understand photography, animation, experimental video, and otherwise mixed media collage, I embraced art making and storytelling with an unwavering commitment. At the University of Michigan, I began to understand how to employ my developing skills as an identity and a tool. As a student, professional networks, constant collaborators and teachers, and opportunities available within the local art community, around theatre productions and among an ambitious young film network, opened a bounty of doors to which I have saved the keys throughout my practice.

A progressive conceptual art curriculum at the Stamps School of Art & Design at U of M and a love of architecture, installation art, interior design, and photography nurtured an early career as a designer for indie films, music videos, commercials and live performances. My design and fabrication work for various storytelling media is complimented by other art practices. As a photographer and videographer, I maintain a practiced photographic eye, which is essential to understanding how to shape spaces and objects for the camera and audiences. As a regular woodworker and craftsman, I design and build furniture, installation and art objects to help add life, history and a more sensory experience in living and working spaces. And still I engage completely, broadly, and without abandon in the many art realms that tempt my compassions, my convictions and my sense of art practice as service.