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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Multimedia Rooms

There are three high-powered, reservable Multimedia Editing Rooms available whenever the Duderstadt Center is open. Beyond providing a quiet environment for working, the rooms have a number of extra features, including Mac Pros with substantial RAM and processing power, high fidelity audio monitors, two 5K HD displays, a 4K reference monitor, Blu-Ray burners, music keyboards and computer keyboards labeled with Final Cut Pro shortcuts for easier editing.

The Multimedia Editing Rooms are ideal for a big project that requires quiet concentration or for small groups that want to work together without disturbing others.

The Mutlimedia Editing Rooms mirror the GroundWorks lab Mac software.

The Multimedia Rooms are available by-appointment whenever the Duderstadt Center is open. Digital Media Commons Orientation Required.

GroundWorks Orientation

: Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. and at 2:00 p.m.

Duration: Approximately 30 min

Where: Consultant Desk, GroundWorks Media Lab, Room 1315 in the Duderstadt Center

Intended for new users who wish to learn about GroundWorks resources and gain access to the Multimedia Workrooms or the Recording Booth. The 30 minute orientation covers the basic set up of hardware and software in the lab, equipment and resources within the Multimedia Workrooms and the Recording booth, and policies regarding lab use and reservable spaces. The orientation will prepare users to start working on their projects within 24 hours of their orientation. No registration is necessary for individuals. Large groups, including classes, departments, and student organizations, can schedule an orientation by emailing