Design Guide: A Post Template

This template includes a 20 px “Spacer” block above this first line of text to create separation from the “Featured Image” above it (but which you cannot see in “Edit” mode. Check to see if the spacer is still there.

More notes on setting the Featured Image:

  1. The “Featured image”, set in the right side toolbar under “Post”, does not appear in “Edit” mode. Go figure…
  2. The “Featured image” is the image (and only image) that will also be auto-generated to appear with Post Excerpts.
  3. Using an image cropped to 3:2 or 16:9 ratio will display best when shown in Post Excerpts.

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Note: to create a clean ending to the post his template includes the following blocks to create some separation from the automatic previous and next post links. Check to see if they are here

  • “Spacer” – 20px
  • “Separator” – Full width in black
  • “Spacer” – 40px