Lake Effects: Impact Beyond the Shore

Impact Beyond the Shore Poster

Great Lakes Themed Photo Exhibition
Featuring the work of John Sullivan and Zach Haslick
February 18 -28, 2020
Duderstadt Center Gallery

The Great Lakes are about far more than fresh water and spectacular scenery. Join us in exploring the social, political, and environmental history of the region and the multiple challenges faced by the waterways that define it.

 The LSA Winter 2020 Great Lakes Theme Semester will feature theme-related courses in multiple schools and departments, in addition to speakers, films, exhibits, and more. For more information pleae visit the LSA Great Lakes Themed Semester

Photo Exhibition featuring the work of aerial photographers John Sullivan and Zach Haslick. Photos of the great lakes from thousands of feet up, both beautiful and shocking. See the toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie and the massive issues that our great lakes are now faciing. More…