What Was + May Be

What Was May Be Production Poster

What Was + May Be
Friday, February 14, 2020
7:30 PM
Duderstadt Center Video Studio

The PROUD Polycultural Productions debut piece What Was + May Be will receive its world premiere at the Duderstadt Center Video Studio on February 14th. Written and performed by Alyxandra Ciale Charfauros and Michael Yuchen Tong. What Was + May Be is based on the pair’s longstanding relationship as strangers, long-distance lovers, and creative partners. This multimedia performance explores the interwoven dimensions in which Ciale and Michael meet to defy and define human connection working within the fabric of our lives. Fiercely directed by Amanda Kuo alongside art designer, Nicole Denise White, What Was + May Be is an expression of love as a form of celebration and resistance.    

Special thanks to Alana Pollard and all the interviewees who shared their stories!