Flint: It’s Not Just About the Water Exhibition

Flint exhibit poster

Flint: It’s Not Just About the Water
April 7-12, 2019
Duderstadt Center Gallery

 “Flint: It’s Not Just About the Water”, a student-lead art exhibition, will be held in the Duderstadt Center Gallery from April 7-12th. In conjunction with the School of Theatre’s production of Jose Casas’ new play, “Flint”, about the water crisis in our neighboring city, students Milo Miller and Isabelle Molnar have organized an art show featuring works that represent, process, and articulate the lives and experiences of contemporary Flint and its residents. Pieces include work from Flint’s local artistic community, as well as artists from outside the city who felt compelled to spread awareness and solidarity with the people affected by the water crisis.

Please join us in the fight to spread awareness and inspire action to fight for water justice, and social justice, for the affected communities of Flint.