Recent Event: October 11 – Telling the Story of the Duderstadt Center in 2021

DC Telling the Story presentation

A special presentation by graduate students of Architecture on how they interpret the uses and purpose of the Duderstadt Center today, using the original vision for the building and its subsequent history as design criteria.

A model of the Duderstadt Center as reimagined in 2021by Architecture students

(Note: This presentation took place on Monday, October 11th. This post will be updated with more photos and information from the event)

The original invitation form Professor Dawn Gilpin, Taubman College, to participate in a unique opportunity to learn how the DC is understood by contemporary students.

“I am writing to invite the DC admin, staff, faculty and others to join Taubman College faculty and architecture grad students in a conversation around the physical model of the Duderstadt Center. The students were charged with learning the history and story of the Duderstadt Center and to reconstruct a model that communicates this story. 

This group is first semester 2 year and fourth semester 3 year grad students. DC is the site they will use to design a library, the all-class program for Institutions Studios. We will be using a terrestrial scanner to create a model of the site and students will design a library with a similar charge as originally intended with what is now DC.

The students have put many hours, days, and weeks into reconstructing this story and are very excited to share their version, to hear your stories, and to gift this model to the DC for their 25th anniversary. 
I hope to see many of you there.”

Dawn Gilpin