Fabrication Studio gets “wired.”

photo of electrical wire and rack donated by Yazaki N.A. Corporation to the Fabrication Studio

A recent donation by Yazaki North America will provide users of the Electronic Workbench in the DC’s Fabrication Studio a generous supply of high-quality electrical wire to use for their projects. The company donated nearly 4,000 pounds of automotive electrical wire to the U-M in a variety of gauges. Of that, 20 large spools of wire, and a large spool rack on which to organize and dispense the new material, came to the DMC’s Fabrication Studio.

Consumables such as wire, electronic components, and 3D printing filaments and supplies, are difficult to plan and budget for. The gift of wire makes a generous supply available for users in the studio.

Michael Boyd, Sr. Manager, Advanced Development at Yazaki N.A. coordinated the gift through U-M’s Chris Gordon, Director of the Wilson Student Team Project Center in the College of Engineering, and Shawn O’Grady, Fabrication Studio Manager

Find out more about the Electronic Workbench in the Fabrication Studio.

Two electronic workbench stations in the Fabrication Studio

The Fabrication Studio’s Electronics Workbench is equipped with most of the tools one would need for small scale electronics projects.