UPDATE: CAEN and ITS bring Wi-Fi 6E Upgrade to the DC.

Graphic depicting notice ofncampus Wi-Fi 6E network upgrade

The Duderstadt Center’s wireless network infrastructure (Wi-Fi) has been upgraded to the newest, Extended Wi-Fi 6 standard known as Wi-Fi 6E. Follow-up testing will take place this week. To report issues, or for help, contact ITS: 734-476-HELP (4357) or 4HELP@umich.edu

Upgraded Wi-Fi 6E service in the DC will provide the potential for up to five times the data transfer speed of the building’s current wireless network for compatible computers and mobile devices.

CAEN, the College of Engineering’s central IT provider, has been coordinating the planning and installation of the new system in the Duderstadt Center as part of a campus-wide project conducted by the U-M’s central IT organization, ITS. The U-M is the first university in the nation to upgrade its entire campus: academic, residential, support, and administrative facilities, to Wi-Fi 6E operations.

The new Wi-Fi 6E technology will deliver the performance required for all devices to access HD video streams even in densely populated settings, such as classrooms and auditoriums. The increased performance will significantly reduce lag experienced when using real-time applications, including video conferencing and video games. Most devices will no longer need a wired connection after the upgrade (wired connections are still recommended for some research computing applications requiring high data rates).

Graphic courtesy of the Wi-Fi Alliance®

For more information about the U-M ITS Wi-Fi 6E upgrade see: “About the Campus WiFi Upgrade Project