Journey of Self-Discovery

Moizio Exhibit Poster

Recent Gallery event, September 19 through 30. To experience an interesting piece of art is to feel ALIVE.  It propels one out of reality (for a moment) and transcends the spirit to a special place much like a spiritual awakening or an encounter with God.

I am interested in the creative process even more than the final product.  The process of art making is therapeutic and one of self-discovery.  It is a chance to play like a child and to allay fears/worries and to lose the confines of the world around you.  It offers you a chance to dream, dance and explore unknown worlds.

This exhibit is mainly focused on this creative process which I call the ‘Journey of Self-Discovery.  Each painting has been created according to this process. Mindfulness is the goal.

We all see things from different angles based on our own individual experiences.  I encourage you to look at things from your own perspective – each piece invites you to consider your own viewpoint, a chance to let go and experience some unique personal other-worldly environments.  Enjoy.

For more information, please contact Rich Moizio.