2023 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Innovative Pedagogy Award

Citizen Kane VR Picture

Congratulations to Professor Matthew Solomon and Lecturer Vincent Longo who received the 2023 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Innovative Pedagogy Award, “designed to recognize new methods, perspectives, and techniques in the teaching of Cinema, Radio, Television, and Emerging Media Studies.” The award recognizes three of Solomon and Longo’s teaching-related projects/initiatives: The Audiovisual Lexicon, VR Citizen Kane, and their practice and publications related to teaching audiovisual essays (FTVM 150 is believed to be the largest scale at which av essays are taught in the world).

Longo and Solomon express their heartfelt thanks to all of FTVM for their support and collaboration on almost every aspect of these projects. From contributors to the Lexicon, to teaching and redesigning the av essays in FTVM 150, to running the production studios, to managing budgets, travel, and contracts, FTVM faculty, graduate students, and staff have made lasting impacts on these projects.

Longo and Solomon also thank their collaborators at LSA Technology Services (Shawn Jackson, Andy Holman, Monika Dressler, and Emily Ravenwood) and at the Duderstadt Center (Stephanie O’Malley, Dari Eskandari, Daniel Vincenz, Dan Fessahazion, Sean Petty, Steffen Heise, and Ted Hall) for their crucial contributions.