CCA Gallery

The Column Creations Art Gallery, launched in the Fall of 2022, is located in the Central Collaboration Area of the Duderstadt Center. The gallery operates as part of the Digital Media Commons Student Fellowship program. We are a gallery for students and run by students!

Upcoming Exhibits

Our Mission

Learning & Teaching

The student gallery is open whenever the building is open, currently 24/7

Exhibition schedules vary, check back here for updates

Location: Central Collaboration Area, in the Duderstadt Center


2023-24 Exhibits and Events

  • July 28 – Sept 6
  • Sept 6 – Oct 20
  • Oct 23 – Nov 8
  • Nov 9 – Dec 1
  • Dec 6 – Dec 11
  • Jan 16 – Feb 9
  • Feb 12 – March 7
  • March 8 – March 21
  • April 8 – April 30

Our Mission

We exist to meet two student needs on campus: the need for students to gain hands-on experience with gallery curation and management, and the need for student artists to gain experience exhibiting their work. Our goal is to connect students across the university with valuable resources, networks, and experiences to begin their journeys in the cultural sector. 

Our Values 

We provide a collaborative and compassionate learning environment that centers the voices of student artists, and the agency of our student curators. We value our diverse, equitable, and inclusive community that welcomes many artistic and social perspectives. To further the DMC’s mission of advancing climate justice, we strive to follow sustainable gallery practices and use recycled or reused materials whenever possible.

Our Plan 

We provide a space for emerging artists to display their work, while providing an opportunity for DMC student staff curators to plan, organize, and mount shows. We host around 6-8 shows a year of primarily student-created art. Our shows last an average of 4-6 weeks, although we can be flexible with show duration depending on the needs of our exhibitors. 

We plan to gather and conceptualize our programming in three main ways:

  • Student organization partnerships
  • Class partnerships 
  • Our submission form for individual artists 

Learning and Teaching

We provide resources and opportunities for formal and informal learning. For more information visit our Ground Connections knowledge base.