“360 and VR Audio and Video, Lessons Learned”


Media & Studio Arts Symposium

Affecting Change in the World, New Tools for Media Creation and Performance

360 and VR Audio and Video, Lessons Learned

February 15, 2018 | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Daniel Braunstein, Justine Smith, Anna Edelman

Description: A Discussion the production process of making the 360 Video and Audio “Music Video.” We will also be discussing the importance of studying such media.

Presenter Bios:

Anna Edelman is a senior communications student at the University of Michigan. Throughout her 2 years working as a Digital Consultant at the Duderstadt Center she has taken part in multiple projects in the video studio. In her free time she ice skates and sings with the all-girl acapella group, The Sopranos. After graduation she hopes to pursue a career in graphic design and advertising.

Justine Smith is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan’s Penny Stamps School of Art and Design, residing in Detroit. Her work takes many forms, from cake-decorating to weaving, and from graphic design to responsive audio-visual programming. In her work, she addresses topics such as identity, femininity, and sentimentality.

Daniel Braunstein is a recent graduate of the Performing Arts Technology department at the University of Michigan. Building off of his undergraduate research, his work at the Duderstadt Center heavily involves research in the fields of 360, VR, and AR Audio. He also currently works as a Sound Designer at Dreaming Door Games based in Southfield, MI. In his spare time, he enjoys composition and post-production for Film and Television.