Scheduling Policy

The Duderstadt Center provides access to a wide variety of spaces, by reservation for specific uses and for public access. For use of reservable spaces (see our Quick Guide) please familiarize yourself with the following information to make your visit a pleasant one for all members of the DC community.

Room Access

  • Keys for reserved rooms can be obtained from the 1st Floor Information desk.
  • Keys may be picked up by only those patrons listed on the reservation.
  • Users are asked to leave a picture ID with the information desk.
  • The borrower of a room key should return the key in exchange for their ID before leaving the building.

Hours Available for Your Activity

To make sure that you and other participants in your activity will have access to the venue you have reserved, please check our current hours of operation.

If your activity requires the delivery of food or supplies via the DC Loading Dock please check its current hours. Please plan deliveries accordingly. If you wish to contact staff in the Loading Dock area, please call (734) 615-3190 or email Robert Mills at

Please keep all hallways, elevators, doorways and other passageways clear for public access.

Please secure the facility at the end of your visit by turning off all equipment, locking all doors and returning the keys.


Because of the high demand for our facilities, we request that cancellations be submitted 2 business days prior to the scheduled activity. To cancel a reservation, please e-mail

Food and Food Permits

The Duderstadt Center does not provide catering services, but you are welcome to use a local caterer of your choice to provide food service for your event (first floor only). Signs located throughout the building indicate the areas where food and beverage are not allowed.

As a courtesy to other parties who may be using the Duderstadt Center, we ask our guests and/or their caterer to leave the areas clean.

UM-OSEH (phone 647-1142) should be contacted to obtain a food permit (provided at no cost), in advance of any event at which food will be served that meets one or more of the criteria listed below. When food is provided by a licensed caterer, an OSEH food license is not required.

UM-OSEH criteria for required food permit:

  • Open to the public
  • Exchanging money for food
  • Preparing raw meats or other potentially hazardous foods on site
  • Serving an extensive selection of foods that require specific holding temperatures

No open flames are permitted. Likewise, no toxic or flammable substances, compressed gas or other potentially hazardous material should be brought into the building.

Serving of alcohol is governed by University policy.


The Duderstadt Center conference rooms and public spaces are available to the University community for meetings, workshops, and other academic events, but because of the high demand, our conference rooms are not used for regular classes or recurring weekly meetings.

Fund-raisers and bake sales are welcome in the connector hall, but hosts should refer to our food policies.

Tech support staff are available between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Fridays. Assistance during non-scheduled work hours may be accommodated with adequate notice.

A limited number of tables, chairs, carts and easels are available for event use. We would be happy to recommend a local rental company that can provide these items, beyond those that we can supply.

We ask that signs be placed on display easels so that the walls, kiosks, and windows are not damaged. We can provide easels with advanced notice.

Although the Duderstadt Center offers many levels of security, we are ultimately not responsible for the damage, theft or loss of any articles, so please use caution in the building.