How the changes to U-M’s mask mandate will affect users of the Duderstadt Center

Image used for news article announcing the U-M's new masking policy, effective March 14, 2022

From the U-M Campus Maize & Blueprint: “Effective March 14, 2022, masking will be optional in most indoor spaces on campus, including in offices, residence halls and at athletic events. Masks will remain required in classrooms and other instructional spaces (during class times), patient care areas, campus buses and in campus COVID-19 testing sites at least through the end of the winter term.”

What does this mean for users of the Duderstadt Center?

  • Most areas, including open spaces, library seating, open computing workstations, and study spaces, will no longer require masking.
  • Spaces being used for classroom instruction will require masking during class times.
  • Some DC spaces permit walk-in use but may also include concurrent classroom instruction. For example, you may be working on a personal project in a lab or studio at a time when a formal class session begins. Course attendees and others in the same space should be masked.
  • Signage will be posted at the entrances to specific DC spaces that may require masking, with instructions on when masks could be required for use of the space. Please note these areas and respect the requests of instructors and/or DC staff to mask where appropriate under the new U-M mask policy.

Check also for updated policies of DC labs, studios, and reservable spaces, here:

Some DC partner organizations may have their own policies. You will find a list of them here:
DC Partner Organizations

Thank you to all for helping U-M to achieve a richer in-person learning environment.

Updated indoor mask policy and other COVID-19 guidance
March 09, 2022, Campus Maize & Blueprint

Additional information:

March 10, 2022, Campus Covid-19 Update” (includes new face covering policy, need for users to update to version 2.0 of the ResponsiBLUE app, and other important Covid-19 policies)
March 10, 2022, Campus Maize & Blueprint

University of Michigan Face Covering Policy for COVID-19, Effective March 14, 2022” PDF
Full text of the U-M EHS face covering policy, including descriptions of personal exceptions.

University to drop mask mandate for most indoor spaces March 14
March 09, 2022, article in The University Record