Instructor Survey: Have you used, or plan to use, the MIDEN 3D facility?

Student using VR

Deadline for responses: 5 p.m. Monday, March 28. Instructors who have used, or plan to use the MIDEN, for teaching or research are asked to respond to this important survey to help us evaluate your needs for this technology.

If you are a recent user of the Duderstadt Center’s MIDEN technology, you are likely aware that the current hardware is overdue for an equipment replacement cycle. The Duderstadt Center leadership team are considering the right level of investment in this resource and we would like to get your input. Please respond to this short, four-question survey about your experiences and plans for the MiDEN and your requirements for moving forward:

MIDEN Usage Survey

Your answers will play an important part in our decision-making process. Thank you!

image of the MIDEN used for evaluation of the U-M Yost Ice Arena renovation

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