BFA Theater Design and Production Portfolio Exhibition

Graphic of poster for 2023 BFA TheaterDesign and Production

Duderstadt Center Gallery
January 27 – February 10, 2023

Take a peek behind the scenes of the plays, musicals, and operas at the University of Michigan. Explore the work of The Theater and Drama Department’s undergraduate Stage Managers, Designers, and Technicians.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday, Noon-6:00 pm and Sunday, Noon-6:00 pm.

Featuring the work of:

Briana Barker

Mallory Edgell

Matthew Eggers

Dallas Fadul

Abi Farnsworth

Sydney Geysbeek

Ainsley Grace

Karalyn Hood

Rachael Hymowitz

Elianna Kruskal

Mila McCoy

Jordan Pinet

Esmay Pricejones

Rachel Schlager

Lottie Stallings

Niamh Sullivan

Audrey Tieman

Laurence Vance

Ellie Vice

Summer Wasung

William Webster

Gabby Znamensky

Miles Zoellick

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