International Society of Bassists 2023 Convention

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June 5-10, 2023
Duderstadt Center Gallery
Noon-6:00 pm

The ISB Bass Makers Competition is a bi-annual event that brings in new-made double basses from around the world to be judged by a special team of world renown bass players and luthiers. Bass makers can be awarded certificates and medals for their efforts in instrument tone and workmanship for their efforts. This special event is closed to the public, however, after the official judging is finished, on Tuesday afternoon, June 6th, the judging room (Duderstadt Center Gallery) is open to the public for viewing and to even play, these marvelous instruments.  Everyone is asked to cast a vote for their favorite bass as they exit as this is the Convention Favorite Competition, a tradition for this Bass Makers Competition since it began in 2003.