Accolades Achievement in the Arts Awards

Photo of Yotonix performance

Congratulations! to Accolades Achievement in the Arts Award winners Michigan Animation Club (Outstanding Achievement in Film & Video), Musket (Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theater) and Revolution Chinese Yoyo (Outstanding Achievements in Ensemble Dance and Cultural Arts Practice). We’re proud that each used Design Lab 1 for some of their club activities this year.  

Harry Yang, of Revolution Chinese Yoyo, made some fabulous costumes for the March production “Yotonix: Over the Rainbow”, a collaboration with the U-M flow arts and light performance group Photonix (also an Accolades winner, for Outstanding Achievements in Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Event Production).

“I made the blue and pink dresses with the help of DL1’s sewing machine and notions, and the Tin Man costume and felt [bat] wings were also made partly using DL1 materials. It was a huge help to have so many sewing materials available for use (especially the iron, cutting supplies, pins, and more), and I appreciated being able to use the scrap fabric collection to make mockups of the dresses, since I had never machine sewn before this!”

Harry plans to donate unused fabric to the scrap collection, so if you’re eyeing that shiny pink fabric – stop by next fall.