Meet the Digital Media Commons Staff

DMC Administration

Kathleen D. Bauer

(you can call me Kati)

Chief Operating Officer
Duderstadt Center Administration
and the Digital Media Commons
(she, her)


Suite 2161, Duderstadt Center

“My role at the DC is to encourage collaboration, solve problems, find funds to upgrade equipment and to make your visit to the Duderstadt Center wonderful and successful. When you leave us, we want you to be able to envision just how exciting your future can be.”


Victoria McIntyre

(you can call me Victoria)

Assistant to the Director of the Millennium Project
and Duderstadt Center Community-building Team


Millennium Project offices: Suite 2001, Duderstadt Center

See you at the Dude!


Taylor Simon

Communications and Operations Manager
Digital Media Commons

(she, her)

734-709-8188 (primary)

Suite 2161, Duderstadt Center

“I am happy to assist with all things Duderstadt Center & Digital Media Commons. I am here to help you find the right resources and to provide coordinated support in order to make your event a success. If you have questions regarding reservable space; Duderstadt Welcome Station information; or anything related to Duderstadt Center facilities, I am at your service! I’ve been a proud DMC team member since 2018.”


Benjamin Thompson

(you can call me Ben)

Digital Media Commons
(he, him)

First Floor Information Desk, Duderstadt Center

“Hi, I’m Ben! I work at the First Floor Information Desk. If you have any questions about the building, reservations or need help finding something, come ask me!”


John Merlin Williams

(you can call me John)

Website Coordinator


Located off-campus
(I can sometimes be found in Suite 2161, Duderstadt Center)

“I’ve been associated with the amazing staff of the Duderstadt Center and the Digital Media Commons for more than 20 years. The DC is so much more than a collection of media technologies, computers, and special studios (amazing as they are). It has evolved as a rich community of innovation, encompassing the visual and performing arts, design, engineering, and information technology. The DC’s creative ecosystem enables a level of collaboration between students, faculty, and professional staff that takes research and project-based learning into a future limited only by imagination. I feel privileged to tell their success stories, and I am also eager to capture your story of creative endeavor. Tell me about it!”


Facilities Services

John E. Muckler

Director of IT Facilities and Operations, CAEN
Director of Facilities, DMC
(joint appointment with CAEN and DMC)


Suite 2161 – Room 2176, Duderstadt Center

Robert Mills

Facilities Coordinator
Facilities Services (DMC)


Loading Dock – Room 1384, Duderstadt Center

Emerging Technologies Group

Sara Elizabeth Eskandari

XR Developer, and Adjunct Lecturer
Emerging Technologies Group


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center

Theodore W. Hall

(you can call me Ted)

Extended Reality Software Developer
Emerging Technologies Group
(he, him, his)


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in the Visualization Studio, Rooms 1401 and 1405)

“My mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to visualize your models or data in virtual | augmented | mixed | extended reality (VR | AR | MR | XR). We support the MIDEN (Michigan Immersive Digital Experience Nexus), Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLenses and other Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets, 3DTV, stereo walls, and even simple desktop windows with optional anaglyph stereographics. We support 3D meshes, LIDAR point clouds, raster and vector GIS data, volumetric data, and even scatter-plots from arbitrary CSV files. I can help you to configure our current software or discuss possible software enhancements.”


Steffen Heise

Motion Capture and Visualization Hardware Specialist
Emerging Technologies Group


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center

“I provide support for the Visualization Studio, help with motion capture, the render garden and Maya”


Stephanie O’Malley

(you can call me Stephanie)

Project Leader, Adjunct Lecturer
Emerging Technologies Group

(she, her, hers)


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in the Visualization Studio or Photogrammetry Room, Rooms 1401 and 1405)

“I am 3D artist, animator and adjunct lecturer that has taught several courses on XR content creation and game development. My career prior to U of M originated in the video game industry developing games for Xbox, Playstation & Wii. I am here to assist you with with any questions you have about software for developing XR content and I can offer you guidance on pipelines for XR platforms like the Rift, Vive or Hololens, either using game engines like Unreal and Unity, or our in-house Jugular software.”


Sean Petty

Senior Software Developer
Emerging Technologies Group


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in the Visualization Studio, Room 1401)

“I’m here to help you bring your extended reality or other visualization projects to life. I can help you build your own software solutions through consultation or we can work to setup a project with our team and we’ll do the work for you. I have a specialization in 3D graphics programming, so I can help with any complex or out-of-the-box needs you have for computer visualization.”


Daniel Vincenz

(you can also call me Danny)

User Interface Designer and Digital Artist
Emerging Technologies Group
(he, him)


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in the Visualization Studio – Room 1401)

“I’m a graphics artist and UI/UX developer specializing in web, mobile, and virtual reality platforms. I love making work that’s clean, friendly, and accessible. If you need someone to make something look nice, or make sure anyone can use it, I’m here to help.”


DMC IT Operations

Mark Giuffrida

Senior Director, CAEN
DMC Administration, Manager Emerging Technologies Group (DMC)
(joint appointment with CAEN and DMC)


Suite 2161 – Room 2172, Duderstadt Center

“In addition to being Senior Director of the College of Engineering’s CAEN IT group, I am the Team Leader for the Digital Media Commons Emerging Technologies and IT groups. This enables deep collaboration and resource sharing between CAEN and the DMC to provide integrated technology solutions to Duderstadt Center users.”


Jeff Collins

IT and AV Support Specialist
DMC IT Operations


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center

Forest Malott

Digital Media Support Specialist
DMC IT Operations


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center

“The DMC IT Operations team supports the DMC specialized labs utilizing advanced computers, various media devices, XR, audio, video, and the software that is needed to develop and create in each of these fields. We also run the background systems supporting the labs.”


Nathan Milety

Emerging Technologies Integration Specialist
DMC IT Operations
(he, him)


Suite 1315, Room B, Duderstadt Center

“My work is primarily focused on maintaining the Windows Operating System. If you need software deployed, or updated, or new tech integrated with Windows computing environment, I’m here to do just that!”


Jim Schmidt

Systems Administration, OS Programmer
DMC IT Operations

(he, him, his)


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center

“I want to ensure our DMC computers are running properly, so that anyone can sit down and get right to work at any time. This means keeping software and hardware up to date, tested, and maintained with a minimum of interruption and inconvenience to our clients. It also means being there to lend a friendly hand when an unfortunate interruption does pop up.”


Ground Connections

Linda Kendall Knox

Associate Director, Digital Media Commons
Ground Connections
(she, her)

(or by Google Chat)

Fall semester, 2021: Off-campus
(office in Suite 2161, Duderstadt Center)

“I enjoy “backstage” work that enables students and faculty to practice new approaches to teaching and learning. My personal priorities are to make sure that the whole collection of DMC resources are accessible to everyone who needs them and that they work together elegantly for every user. Reach out to me and the Ground Connections team for help with any of our spaces or with projects that might need a full suite of DMC resources, on site or off.”


Tom Bray

Converging Technologies Consultant
Ground Connections


Suite 1315, Room C, Duderstadt Center

“My facility with technology and my ability to scaffold any project enables me to get the tools and tech out of the way of the user experience – which is why I’m the DC’s “Converging Technology” Consultant. I am the Tech Whisperer.

I am freely available to all members of the UM community – students and faculty – in or out of the Duderstadt Center. I have traveled extensively internationally, assisting various faculty with their research projects.”


Shawn O’Grady

Fabrication Studio Manager
Ground Connections


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in the Fabrication Studio, Room 1365)

“My journey at the Duderstadt center began in 2008 as a 3D printing support specialist. Since that time, we have grown to support hands-on learning in laser cutting, milling, electronics workbenches, 3D scanning, and hand tools. I strive to provide an inclusive environment that supports students with tools and learning resources they need to grow. If you are looking for a specific resource, a workshop, or just need help getting a fabrication project off the ground don’t hesitate to reach out.”


Kathi Reister

Gallery Manager,
Ground Connections
(she, her)


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in the Gallery – Room 1019; in the Connector Hall between the DC Atrium and Pierpont Commons)

“As Manager of the Duderstadt Center (DC) Gallery, I manage the ever-changing schedule of gallery exhibits and events. I am available to guide students through the exhibition process: planning, installing, and promoting their work.

Additionally, I serve as one of the DEI Co-leads for the DC (with Steve Eberle); I am on the website editing team; and occasionally guide DC tours. Feel free to ask me about any of these. I am happy to chat!”


Ryan N. Wilcox

(you can call me Ryan)

Groundworks Manager
Ground Connections
(he, his)

Google chat:

Groundworks, Suite 1315
(you can ask for me at the Groundworks Consultants desk)

“My background is in film and television production. With over 30 years experience in production and a passion for new tech gadgets and toys, I truly embrace the use of media tools in everything from instructional videos, to complete narratives of the story you wish to tell.”


Media and Studio Arts

Robert Spalding Newcomb

Associate Director, Digital Media Commons
Media and Studio Arts

Suite 2161, Duderstadt Center

“I manage the audio and video studios and the media experts that support these unique resources. I will help you navigate the processes for gaining access to them, and will provide recommendations for building the best collaboration team for your creative projects.”


David Greenspan

(you can call me Dave)

Managing Producer, Audio Studios
Media and Studio Arts
(he, him)


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in Audio Studio A – Room 1321)

“Grad Student? DMA? Professor? Need a publication? I want to help you with creating your art. New to recording? I can help you with how studios work, how to listen, and tips on productions. Want to improve your audio production skills? Come to one of my workshops. Don’t see what you want to do listed? Let me know and we will figure something out.”


Stephen Eberle

(you can also call me Steve)

Technology Manager, Media and Studio Arts
DEI Implementation Lead
(he, him)


Suite 1315 – Office C, Duderstadt Center
(you can also find me in the studios and multimedia production spaces in the Duderstadt Center)

“As the Technology Manager for Media and Studio Arts, I support all media infrastructure, activities, and users of the Duderstadt Centers’ media production spaces. I have more than twenty years of experience at the Duderstadt Center, developing, consulting, and deploying new media technology tools to help students, staff, and faculty realize their academic, research, and artistic goals.”


Patterson McKinney

Assistant Manager, Video Studio
Media and Studio Arts
(he, him)


Video Studio – Room 1356, The Duderstadt Center

“I support video studio projects and can assist with all elements of production. I am also a resource for answering post-production-related questions.”


Jacques Mersereau

Video Studio Managing Producer
Media and Studio Arts
(he, him, his)


Office: Suite 1315, Office F, Duderstadt Center
(you can often find me in the Video Studio)

“Aloha & Welcome to the Video Studio – where dreams come true!

I graduated from the U-M way back in 1982. As a freshman in East Quad, I had NO idea of what I wanted to do with my life: none. It wasn’t until my 5th year that I decided to try and make a living playing music. Fast forward four decades, my experience is now deep & wide.

I would be honored to share with you all that I learned, both artistically and in ‘show business’ – to help you avoid mistakes and to achieve your dreams.”


Catherine Miller

Media Consultant
Media and Studio Arts
(she, his)


Video Studio – Room 1356, Duderstadt Center

“I am available to assist with production needs and post-production support.”


Kyle Snyder

Assistant Manager, Audio Studios
Media and Studio Arts

(they, them)


Suite 1315, Duderstadt Center

“I’m a reformed singer turned audio and media engineer who enjoys building complex integrations between analog and digital systems.

I support the myriad of productions and their associated technologies that come through the audio and video studios. I am here to help facilitate the technical and creative needs of your project. Learn more about me at