Audio Studio A

Audio Studio A proposals are only accepted for February onward.


The studio is equipped with an API Vision console and set up for full 5.1 surround sound mixing as well as listening. It includes:

  • 48 channels
  • 96 faders
  • 34 on board microphone pre-amps
  • 32 parametric qualizers
  • 16 graphic equalizers
  • 24 compressors
  • 6 gates
  • surround buss compressor

The studio is also equipped with a large selection of outboard gear including compressors, equalizers, channel strips and reverberation units.

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Work with Us

Faculty and graduate students who would like to work on a recording project with one of the DMC’s professional audio engineers are requested to submit an Audio Recording Project Support Request Form.


If you are a musician looking for a certified student studio engineer to collaborate with, you may send a request to This email address reaches all certified users in the studios.

Get Trained

Certification to use Audio Studio A  is the third and final step in the audio software and facilities training sequence. To be certified to use Audio Studio A, you must first be trained to use Audio Studios B & C and take a multi-session training course for Audio Studio A. Our training sessions are intended to ensure that all users have the same knowledge base and expectations of the rooms in the Duderstadt Center. Everyone, regardless of depth of recording experience, is required to complete the training sessions for each room. The training workshops are not-for-credit, orientation sessions offered by the Digital Media Commons; this is different from the sound recording course offered as part of a degree program by the School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

Interested in using the studios? Several options are available to the university community. If you are already certified to use the studios, please use the links to the Self-reservation System for each of the Audio Studios (A, B, or C) in the sidebar menu: “AUDIO STUDIO LINKS” on the left side of this page.