Audio Studios B and C

Audio Studios B and C are two state-of-the-art recording facilities that allow for a broad range of activities and research including: music composition, recording, mixing, scientific investigation and acoustic studies.

Audio Studios B and C may be used separately or combined for expanded capabilities — allowing one to function as a control room while the other acts as a tracking space.

The studios may be reserved by U-M students, faculty and staff who have completed the requisite training courses.

Our training sessions are intended to ensure that all users have the same knowledge base and expectations of the rooms in the Duderstadt Center. Everyone, regardless of depth of recording experience, is required to complete the training sessions for each room. The training workshops are not-for-credit, orientation sessions offered by the Digital Media Commons; this is different from the sound recording course offered as part of a degree program by the School of Music, Theatre and Dance.

Audio Studio B

The centerpiece of Audio Studio B is a 32-channel API Vision console that is set up for stereo, 5.1, 7.1 surround sound and Dolby Atmos. The console has:

  • 64 input channels
  • 8 graphic equalizers
  • 24 parametric equalizers
  • 32 compressors
  • 16 mic pres
  • 6 gates
  • wide variety of analog and digital outboard equipment from: Manley Labs, Summit, Universal Audio, Bricasti, Millennia Media, and more
  • Logic Pro X, Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio

Audio Studio C

Audio Studio C is equipped with (16) Dante microphone preamps, (2) 500-series processors, an Avid Artist Mix control surface, Novation Launchpad Pro and Ableton Push that allow users to mix and match any combination of analog and digital workflows. The arrangement of Audio Studio C allows for composition, recording, and mixing. The room includes:

  • Prophet-10 analog synthesizer 
  • Arturia 88 key weighted controller
  • Various Digital Synthesizers
  • Audio Technical Direct Drive Turntable
  • Analog EQ and Compression units
  • Bricasti Reverb
  • Logic Pro X, Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio


Reservations are required to use the studios. Access is limited to certified users who have completed our training.

Studio Help

For help with studio issues, please contact

Interested in using the studios? Several options are available to the university community. If you are already certified to use the studios, please use the links to the Self-reservation System for each of the Audio Studios (A, B, or C) in the sidebar menu: “AUDIO STUDIO LINKS” on the left side of this page.