CVGA moves to Shapiro, Central Campus location

Image of the Computer and Video Games Archive sign

After 14 years in the Duderstadt Center, the Computer and Video Game Archive is moving to the Shapiro Library on Central Campus. The move is taking place this week and the CVGA is expected to re-open its new 4th Floor location in Shapiro before the start of the Fall 2022 Semester.

From a U-M Library announcement:

“The move to Shapiro follows a user assessment that showed a majority of the research and academic uses of the collection come from people who reside, take classes, or teach on central campus, and that the time required to travel to north campus for classes at the CVGA was often a hindrance.  

Access to the collection will be limited for the duration of the move, though we’ll attempt to meet research or curricular requests for materials over the summer. Email with questions or requests.”

News about the reopening of CVGA will be posted on the U-M Library CVGA web page; or follow their blog “Eaten by a Grue“.

We will all miss the staff and Librarians who have provided Pong, Pac-Man, Mario, and 8,000 other reasons to visit the DC’s Lower Level!

(See our previous story about the CVGA’s leading role in creating archive and research best practices for video game collections)