DMC Staff – Temporary Relocation

DMC Staff Relocating image

Update: September 9. 2022

Remodeling in Suite 1315 is complete. Staff and managers affected by that work have returned to the space, but are awaiting upgrades to the new phone system. Please use email to contact staff in the list below.

Original post: July 7, 2022

Many of the managers and technical staff of DMC groups will temporarily relocate to other spaces in the DC while their offices in Suite 1315 (adjacent to Groundworks) undergo renovation. If you are looking to meet with or drop in to see a member of these staff, please email them in advance. Below are email addresses for the staff who have relocated (email is preferred; office phone numbers may be in transition).

Those affected include staff supporting the Audio Studios, Design Lab 1, DMC IT Operations, Fabrication Studio, Groundworks, Multimedia Rooms, Personal Studio, Video Studio, and Visualization Studio:

  • Tom Bray:
    Converging Technologies Consultant, Ground Connections
  • Jeff Collins:
    IT and AV Support Specialist, DMC IT Operations
  • Steve Eberle:
    Acting Associate Director, Media & Studio Arts
  • Sara Eskandari:
    XR Developer, Adjunct Lecturer, Emerging Technologies Group
  • Matthew Girard,
    Audio Specialist, Media & Studio Arts
  • Dave Greenspan:
    Managing Producer, Audio Studios, Media and Studio Arts
  • Ted Hall:
    Advanced Visualization Specialist, Emerging Technologies Group
  • Steffen Heise:
    Motion Capture and Visualization Hardware Specialist, Emerging Technologies Group
  • Brian Hoey:
    Digital Fabrication Specialist, Ground Connections
  • Forest Malott:
    Digital Media Support Specialist, DMC IT Operations
  • Patterson McKinney:
    Assistant Manager, Video Studio, Media and Studio Arts
  • Jacques Mersereau:
    Managing Producer, Video Studio, Media and Studio Arts
  • Nathan Milety:
    Emerging Technologies Integration Specialist, DMC IT Operations
  • Catherine Miller:
    Media Consultant, Media and Studio Arts
  • Shawn O’Grady:
    Fabrication Studio Manager, Ground Connections
  • Stephanie O’Malley:
    Project Leader, Emerging Technologies Group; Adjunct Lecturer
  • Sean Petty:
    Senior Software Developer, Emerging Technologies Group
  • Kathi Reister:
    Arts Programming Manager, Gallery, Ground Connections
  • Jim Schmidt:
    Systems Administration, DMC IT Operations
  • Kylie Snyder:
    Technology Lead, Media & Studio Arts
  • Danny Vincenz:  
    User Interface Designer and Digital Artist, Emerging Technologies Group
  • Ryan Wilcox:
    Groundworks Manager, Ground Connections

Most staff will return to the renovated Suite 1315 before Fall 2022, some will move to new long-term locations.