Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs poster
October 24 & 25, 2019 at 7:00 PMDuderstadt Video Studio 3 AM Productions’ presents Daddy Long Legs the Musical, directed by Stephanie Guralnick. The show follows teen orphan Jerusha Abbott, who is spotted by a young benefactor, who sees her

Migrare – Work in Progress

Man sitting on sand in desert
Migrare – Work in ProgressTuesday, October 29, 20195:00 pmDuderstadt Center Gallery “Migrare” is a dance and videography research project conducted by School of Music, Theater and Dance MFA student Mario Vircha in France, Jordan, Greece and Costa Rica; four countries

Barriers and Preservers

painting of two young people
Barriers and Preservers – Paintings by Margaret DavisOctober 3-30, 2019Opening Reception: Thursday, Oct 3, 4-7:00 pmDuderstadt Center Gallery Margaret Davis’s exhibition focuses on the adolescent.  Barriers and Preservers is a visual response to numerous cultural concerns of today’s teens; be it record

Experiments in Translation Grants – Launch Party

Experiments-in-translation poster
Experiments in Translation Grants – Launch PartyFeaturing “Ripple Effect” artist Dorsey KaufmannDuderstadt Center Gallery and Video StudioNovember 22, 20194:00 pm In March 2020, Experiments in Translation will award up to three $10,000 grants to collaborative projects that bring Duderstadt Center

Hidden to Observation (H2O)

Micro meals poster
Hidden to Observation (H2O)November 25 – December 5, 2019Duderstadt Center Gallery Students in SI 616 (Advanced Topics in Graphic Design and Visual Communications) developed alternative interpretations, from Ripple Effect, using similar water contamination data from Flint. Seven of their posters

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect poster
Ripple EffectNovember 11 – December 5, 2019Duderstadt Center Gallery Ripple Effect is an interactive art exhibition that visualizes local water quality data through sound, light, and water. Through software technology, water contamination data is translated into sound waves. The installation consists

Interarts Performance

Interarts Performance poster
Interarts PerformanceDecember 12 & 13, 20197:30 pmDuderstadt Center Video Studio The Interarts Showcase is put on by Interarts Performance students from the Stamps School of Art & Design. Students take courses both in art & design and theater, and their

Tea & Tunes

Tea and Tunes Poster
Tea & TunesFeaturing Grant Flick and Hannah O’BrienFriday, December 13, 2019 at 4:00 pmDuderstadt Center Gallery “Tea and Tunes” is a series of musical performances by SMTD students held in the Duderstadt Center Gallery. This week we will be featuring

Anonymous Autonomous

Anonymous Autonomous Poster
“Anonymous Autonomous” Work in Progress Community DemoDecember 9-20, 2019Reception December 13, 5:00 pmDuderstadt Center Gallery  Anonymous Autonomous is a robotic art installation being developed by Katherine Behar, Artist in Residence at the University of Michigan, together with a team of

Cleopatra Boy

Cleopatra Boy Play Poster
Cleopatra BoyA New Work for the TheaterJanuary 24, 2020 at 7:30 PMDuderstadt Center Video Studio Cleopatra Boy is an original devised multi-media production created by Detroit-based ensemble “A Host of People”. Cleopatra Boy premiered to sold out audiences at Detroit’s Andy Arts Center

Civil Rights through the Lens of Declan Haun

Woman holding Justice sign
Civil Rights through the Lens of Declan HaunJanuary 14-28, 2020Duderstadt Center Gallery A collection of photos capturing some of the most important events during the civil rights movement. Shot by Chicago-based freelance photographer Declan Haun, a highly regarded photojournalist of

The Infinite Detail of This Place and Time

The Infinite Detail of This Place and Time - Presented by Virago and AWE Society Poster
The Infinite Detail of This Place and TimePresented by Virago and AWE SocietyJanuary 31, 2020 at 7:30 pmDuderstadt Center Video Studio Virago (improvising ensemble) and Bridget Quinn (visual artist) are creating an immersive multimedia project of improvised music, live video,

White Feminist

White Feminist Poster
White FeministFebruary 3-9, 2020Duderstadt Center Video Studio Presented by the University Musical Society as part of their No Safety Net 2.0 Series. Gender and privilege collide in this scathing comedy that will grab you by the pussy hat. As the host of

What Was + May Be

What Was May Be Production Poster
What Was + May BeFriday, February 14, 20207:30 PMDuderstadt Center Video Studio The PROUD Polycultural Productions debut piece What Was + May Be will receive its world premiere at the Duderstadt Center Video Studio on February 14th. Written and performed

2020 Portfolio Exhibition BFA Design & Production

Portfolio Exhibition B.F.A. Design & Production Poster
BFA Theatre Design & ProductionFebruary 3-14, 2020Duderstadt Center Gallery Take a peek behind the scenes of the plays, musicals and operas throughout the University of Michigan. Explore the work of our undergraduate student stage managers, technicians, and scenic, costume and

2020 Media & Studio Arts Symposium

MSA Symposium poster - "Inventing Oneself Through Art and Technology Poster"
Inventing Oneself Through Art and Technology A diverse community of presenters representing students, faculty and industry professionals will be sharing their expertise, experience and collaborations.  Join our community as we embark on this exploration of the creative process, exploring the tools and techniques that

Lake Effects: Impact Beyond the Shore

Impact Beyond the Shore Poster
Great Lakes Themed Photo ExhibitionFeaturing the work of John Sullivan and Zach HaslickFebruary 18 -28, 2020Duderstadt Center Gallery The Great Lakes are about far more than fresh water and spectacular scenery. Join us in exploring the social, political, and environmental

And We Look On

And We Look On Video Poster
Thursday, February 27 & 28, 2020 7:00 pm Duderstadt Center Video Studio AND WE LOOK ON is an interdisciplinary performance piece that uses dance, theatre, puppetry, and music to celebrate the world’s natural landscapes and examine the deterioration happening right