Duderstadt Center Equipment Checkout

A media equipment checkout service providing audio and video equipment for use by students for course assignments, when pre-arranged by the course instructor. It is located at the 2nd Floor Library Circulation Desk in the Duderstadt Center.

DC Checkout provides pre-assembled equipment kits for video capture, still photography, audio recording, lighting, and tripods, to faculty and students who need to create media for instruction or assigned class projects. However, It is not an ‘open’ checkout facility. We are here to support faculty who wish to include media tools for projects within a for-credit class context. The equipment available at the circulation desk is not intended for departmental projects, or work that is not intended as a class project. As we have limited resources, the importance of planning ahead cannot be stressed enough.

These resources, combined with the consulting and support of the Digital Media Commons staff, are a terrific resource for learning, practicing, and producing amazing content. Groundworks is a great place get answers to all your questions about the media tools available and how to request their use for your course project.

Important Note: You will be asked to acknowledge acceptance of our Checkout Policies detailed below.

Ready-to-go Equipment Kits

Obtaining student access to equipment

A faculty member must make the request for a student or students to be added to the list of of individuals permitted to checkout equipment.

  • Students: please have the faculty member from the class you are participating in send an email to Duderstadt-Checkout@umich.edu requesting that you be added to our checkout list.
  • Faculty: Once you have contacted us, you will be able to log in and add individual students or an entire class roster to the checkout list. Instructions for adding users can be found there.

Location and Hours

Duderstadt Checkout is located at the 2nd Floor Library Circulation Desk in the Duderstadt Center (see map).
Please check the AAEL Library listing for current hours of the 2nd Floor Library Circulation Desk:

Note: Need more advice on equipment? Groundworks staff who support checkout equipment are located in Suite 1315 (map)

Duderstadt Center Checkout Policy

  • All Checkouts are for a 3 day period of time. After that a charge of $1 per item per hour late will be applied.
  • Equipment kits have specific gear associated with them. Each kit must be returned with all pieces present. The user will replace any piece not returned in the kit, or be charged the replacement cost of entire camera kit (approximately $2,000). We can help provide places to order replacement parts.
  • The User agrees to be responsible for the gear that is listed as included with the kit, whether it was there upon checkout or not. Make sure the equipment we think you are taking is there.
  • User access is reset at the beginning of each term, and faculty sponsorship is required each semester of use.
  • Users cannot use equipment checkout out from Duderstadt Checkout in a “for-profit” situation. You are not able to checkout the equipment for a project you are receiving any form of payment to produce.
  • Violation of any of these terms can result in permanent removal from checkout list
  • Any use of any of our resources is dependent on availability.
  • Individuals or University units with questions about access to these resources and facilities not specifically answered by these guidelines, or wishing to arrange such access, may contact the Duderstadt Center Circulation desk at 734-647-5747 or Duderstadt-Checkout@umich.edu.