Design Lab 2

Welcome to the Duderstadt Center’s “living room”.  Come and enjoy our newest resource.

Digital Media
Meeting & Hanging Out

Open Hours: 
Design Lab 2 is open 24/7

April 24 – May 6
Design Lab 2 will be unstaffed to allow our student staff members to focus on their academic commitments.

Spring/Summer Staffed Hours:
Mon-Fri, Noon-3 pm

Location: 1365 Duderstadt Center


Digital Media Development

Design Lab 2 is outfitted with flexible Windows workstations that can have custom software or hardware installed by request in order to meet the needs of student project teams leveraging the space for digital development. These workstations are equipped with VR-capable graphics cards and VR headsets and are intended to also support a variety of peripheral devices that students may wish to incorporate into their digital project pipelines. Additionally, the space includes large digital displays suitable for presentation, media editing or livestreaming making it an effective location for events that highlight playable demos, new technologies or screenings to a large audience.

Design Lab 2 features:

  • XR stations for development and demonstrations
    • Meta Quest Pro VR Headset w/
      • HP Z2 Tower G4 Intel Xeon E-2136 6C 80W CPU
      • 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 2666
      • NVIDIA Quadro 8GB RTX 4000
      • Z Turbo Drive 512GB
    • Meta Quest 2 VR Headset w/
      • Dell Alienware New x15 R2
  • Curved Ultrawide 37” displays for media editing & presentation (byo laptop) 
  • Large 3D capable digital displays
  • Stereo turntable with USB


Students, you are welcome to gather here anytime to collaborate with others, play games, rehearse or warm up for recordings, hold student group or club meetings, play vinyl records or digital files, or watch films.

Design Lab 2 is never exclusively reserved.  We invite project teams, clubs and classes to gather here in the company of others. DMC Fellows on site during staffed  hours will help facilitate the sharing of resources.  

Ad hoc meetings:  Open to all. Groups larger than six (6) are encouraged to check the Events Calendar [link here or point left?] to see if a large group (e.g.: a class) is scheduled when you’d like to drop in.  If so, you may still come -just plan to work or talk quietly if a presentation is taking place. 

Regular meetings:  Clubs, project teams and select classes may request regular meeting times. Groups that need the Lab’s resources receive priority.  For more information, see Clubbing in the Design Labs or Classes in the Design Labs (coming soon).  To submit your request for a regular meeting time, please use the form for your type of group: 


Clubs and academic units are invited to join the DMC and its Duderstadt Center Partners in presenting public events in Design Lab 2.

We host workshops, design competitions, project showcases, special guest speakers, screenings, design reviews, and more (what ideas do you have?). Maximum attendance is 25 – 40 guests, depending on the event’s activities. 

To schedule an event in DL2, please send email with who/what/when details to

Design Lab 2 Partner Organizations

Programming in Design Lab 2 is provided by the Digital Media Commons in partnership with ArtsEngine and the Center for Entrepreneurship..  

Technologies are provided by the DMC in partnership with CAEN. 

Thank you to our partners!

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