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We commit to increasing diversity, which is expressed in myriad forms, including race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, language, culture, national origin, religious commitments, age, (dis)ability status, and political perspective.


We commit to working actively to challenge and respond to bias, harassment, and discrimination. We are committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status.


We commit to pursuing deliberate efforts to ensure that our campus is a place where differences are welcomed, different perspectives are respectfully heard and where every individual can be genuine and feels a sense of belonging and inclusion. We know that by building a culture where we value diverse individuals, and groups, on campus and creating a vibrant climate of inclusiveness, we can more effectively leverage the resources of diversity to advance our collective capabilities.

DC DEI 2.0 Plan FY 2024

Our second five-year initiative launched in October of 2023. The new plan is viewable in the following document:

DEI Resources

University of Michigan DEI Resources:
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Duderstadt Center DEI Committee & Contacts

If you have questions, input for, or are interested in joining the DC DEI Committee please contact us by email: DEI-Duderstadt@umich.edu, or simply fill out the “Join” form.

The current serving members of the committee represent multiple DC partner organizations

  • Sian Olson Dowis (Co-Lead) – DMC
  • Kylie Grace Snyder (Co-Lead) – DMC
  • Steve Eberle – DMC
  • Sara Eskandari – DMC
  • Deb Mexicotte – ArtsEngine
  • Catherine Miller – DMC
  • Robert Mills – DMC
  • John Muckler (Accessibility Specialist) – CAEN
  • Mari Nee – CAEN
  • Shawn O’Grady – DMC
  • Jody O’Neill – DMC
  • Kathi Reister – DMC
  • Thea Strother – CAEN
  • Tay Xavier – DMC
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DC DEI 1.0 Five-year Summary and Annual Action Reports

The Duderstadt Center Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force began its work in fiscal year 2019 with the development of a five-year strategic plan describing the measures, objectives, and actions to be undertaken by the Duderstadt Center partner organizations.

The 2021-22 academic year concluded the university’s initial DEI Five-Year Strategic Plan, known as DEI 1.0, and the beginning of a year-long evaluation process in which the content and actions from DEI 1.0 were assessed.

The evaluation results helped guide the planning phase for the university’s next DEI strategic plan, DEI 2.0. This second five-year initiative launched in October of 2023. The yearly action reports and a summary of our first five years are available in the following PDF documents:

DC DEI 1.0 Summary

Fiscal Year 2021 Actions

Fiscal Year 2020 Actions

Fiscal Year 2019 Actions

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