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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

MiXR Studios Podcast

Exploring the Normative Context of XR in Engineering: MiXR Studios Podcast with Guest Joanna Millunchick

We talk to Joanna Millunchick, professor of material science and associate dean for undergraduate education at the College of Engineering. Joanna discusses how XR technologies are still not well understood at the user level and also how XR technologies can transform undergraduate education.
Please join us 1-2:30 p.m. ET next Tuesday, Sept. 29, as we feature a live podcast with Professor Michael Nebeling to discuss his up upcoming MOOC specialization, “Extended Reality for Everybody,” and his experiences as the XR Innovator-In-Residence with the Center for Academic Innovation this year. Register Here
 About the MiXR Studios Podcast

The MiXR Studios Podcast exists to educate the University of Michigan community about what is happening in XR (Extended Reality) on campus. It will share best practices and exciting learnings while helping to shape the future of teaching and learning in higher education and beyond.

More about the Alternative Reality Initiative (ARI)

Information about the XR Intitiative of the Center for Academic Innovation

The Emerging Technologies Group of the Digital Media Commons, and CAEN, provide the most extensive XR and 3D Visualization technologies anywhere on the U-M campus. Located in the Duderstadt Center, they support student learning and faculty research for members of the U-M academic community including groups like ARI and the XR Initiative. For a description of XR technologies, 3D visualization systems, and software supported see:

Duderstadt Center XR Visualization Spaces

CAEN Lab Software Environment