Design Lab 1

Design Lab 1 is an open classroom that dynamically supports collaborative learning to promote new ideas informed by the many-varied design and creative practices that surround the Duderstadt Center.


Students collaborate in small groups in Design Lab 1

April 24 – May 6
Design Lab 1 will be closed to allow our student staff members to focus on their academic commitments.

Spring/Summer Hours:
Mon-Fri, Noon-3 pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed
Walk-ins Welcome!

Location: 1321 Duderstadt Center



Open to all.  Walk-in during open hours to use tools, equipment and supplies for your academic or personal project. DMC Fellows are on site to provide technical support and direct you to other DMC tools and resources that may be relevant to your goals.  

Limited storage space for works-in-progress may be available (please inquire at the DMC Help Desk or send us an email).

Design Lab Features:

Student consultants in the Design Lab are here to help you find the resources you need


Design Lab 1 is never exclusively reserved.  We invite project teams, clubs and classes to gather here in the company of others. DMC Fellows on site will help facilitate the sharing of resources.

Ad hoc meetings:  Open to all during open hours. Groups larger than six (6) are encouraged to check the Events Calendar to see if a large group (e.g.: a class) is scheduled when you’d like to drop in.  If so, you may still come -just plan to work or talk quietly if a presentation is taking place. 

Regular meetings:  Clubs, project teams and select classes may request regular meeting times. Groups that need the Lab’s resources receive priority.  To submit your request for a regular meeting time, please use the form for your type of group: 

For more information, see Clubbing in the Design Labs or Classes in the Design Labs (coming soon).


Clubs and academic units are invited to join the DMC and its Duderstadt Center Partners in presenting public events in Design Lab 1, especially events that promote interdisciplinary ideation and design. 

We host workshops, design competitions, project showcases, special guest speakers, screenings, design reviews, and more (what ideas do you have?). Maximum attendance is 25 – 40 guests, depending on the event’s activities. 

DL1’s presenting technology includes a BIG projection screen and a standard classroom digital display.  Zoom is an option, though not ideal for 2-way communication in this active environment.

To schedule an event in DL1, please send email with who/what/when details to


Design Lab 1 has been around a long time! In the late 1990’s, a dedicated focus group representing the North Campus disciplines developed a recipe for a learning place that would accommodate interdisciplinary ideation. The key ingredients  were: 

  • sketching tools for each practice
  • special technologies that everyone wanted but few had
  • selected projects or classes to model interdisciplinarity
  • student staff to greet walk-in users and steward a culture of collaboration 

While technologies and the disciplines themselves have evolved, the recipe has remained effective. 

Please enjoy these bits from our archives and check back for new features.

“Visual Communication at the Duderstadt Center” )

This Canvas course documents a brief series of student-driven events held in Design Lab 1 and the Duderstadt Center Gallery circa 2018  to promote conversation about visual communication and visual making.  

To learn more about the successful practices that have made DL1 home to constantly evolving methods and tools to support new learning, teaching and research models, read our white paper:

Image of the cover of The Journal of the Society for College and University Planning which included the research study "Observations from an Open, Connected, and Evolving Learning Environment" of the Design Studio

“Observations from an Open, Connected, and Evolving Learning Environment” (PDF)

by Matthew Barritt, Linda Knox

Published in The Journal of the Society for College and University Planning,
Volume 42 Number 1 | October–December 2013
(subscription required)

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