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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Ausencias/AusĂȘncias /Absences

for string quartet, electronics, dance and interactive video
Friday, March 24
8:00 pm
Duderstadt Center Video Studio

CAROLINA HEREDIA, DMA in Music Composition candidate, presents her dissertation work entitled Ausencias/Ausências/Absences. It takes its artistic impetus from the last writings of three South American poets who took their own lives: Violeta Parra (1917-1967) from Chile, Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938) from Argentina and Ana Cristina Cesar (1952-1983) from Brazil.  I felt inspired by the poetry of fellow South American women and especially compassionate by the last writings of those who committed suicide. I aimed to represent their cultures and art, but also their humanity and intense emotions dealing with the obscure times preceding their death. Because I believe generating empathy through art can be a strong mechanism to develop our understanding of one another, in this work I explore the concept of auto executed death in an attempt to exercise our own capacity for empathy and compassion and to de-stigmatize mental illness.

This interactive multimedia/intermedia work includes music, dance, and video, in three movements, with each movement focusing on one poet. I collaborated with choreographer Sandra Torijano in the creation of the dance and with visual artists Carlos Garcia and Kat Johnson in the creation of the visual media and development of the interactive technology.

*This piece was made possible by a grant from the Harvard University Fromm Foundation.