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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Personal Studio

The Personal Studio is designed for users to create dynamic video ready for publication at the push of a button. This all in one, easy to use video production resource provides preconfigured professional lighting, teleprompter, backdrops, cameras and microphones. Users operate the versatile Wirecast software to switch shots, add titles, picture in picture, realtime greenscreen keying, multiple cameras, annotation capability and a laptop connection with modes for capturing or streaming an activity. Orientations daily, class orientations by request.



Introduction to the Personal Studio Orientation

When: Monday,Tuesday 2:30pm and Wednesday,Thursday 10:30am

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Location: Consultant Desk, GroundWorks Media Lab, Room 1315 in the Duderstadt Center

This orientation provides instruction on the use of the software and equipment and reviews policies regarding the room. Upon completing the orientation, users will be able to reserve the room.

Large group and class orientations are available by request through