0.06 Image Collections on Shared Drives, Workflow, Roles

This text is in process as of 2022.08.19 – jmerlinw

Where are the original images that have been uploaded for this website stored?

Most still image and graphic media for this website are maintained in collections on a Google Shared Drive (a U-M enterprise G-Suite service):
DC Comm – Master Image Collection

For those familiar with the DC photo collection, previously stored in the BOX.com repository 4,000+ images from the late 1990s to 2012) that collection has been moved into the DC Comm – Master Image Collection in: 00 DC-Box-Archive

Notes on roles for G-Suite team drives re: permissions, uploading and edit privileges, and consideration for rights management

Below is the permission structure for roles (as set by Google):

  • Each group with a top level folder in the “DC Comm Master Image Collection” should designate someone to organize their collection. I’ll call that role “Media Manager” (MM) – but for now that would be us – Web Editors
  • The MM role requires the highest level of permissions in the Google Shared Drive (GSD) – across the entire drive, so best to keep the number of MM’s sort of small-ish. For now, just the Web Editors Team have top level “Managers” access privileges.
  • Ideally, the MM would
    • have set up a standing longname subfolder for recurring topics (e.g., MSA_2020_VideoStudio_Equipt)_MM’sUniqname) or before a special event, and ask uploaders to put content there (best?)
    • …or point uploaders to the group’s high level folder, and then have the MM sort files into longname subfolders, after the fact
  • As files are selected for “publication” (web or other user-facing content) the MM would (or would manage others to) rename files in the longname file name format (file names end with the uniqname of the person who created the images that are uploaded)
  • Images selected for publication should be definitely be renamed before placing in the “01 For Publication” top level folder. If we want to trace images back to an original authoritative version, they must be renamed before being uploaded to the the WordPress Media Library
  • Images in “01 For Publication” can be in subfolders if you want (I think okay to use top level folder names here?)
What is the current practice for uploading image files to the WordPress Media Library?

(2020.03.08, jmerlinw)

  • Before images are uploaded to the WP Media Library the filenames should be in “longname” format:
    GroupName_YYYYMMDD_EventSubjectOrLocationProducerIdentifier_CreatorUniquname_Device Filename
  • To make it easier for anyone with permission to upload images, staff who are  we agreed to use the for subfolder
  • If you would like to change the name of your top-level folder (maybe “GC” vs GrdConnect?) or add an additional top-level folder (like I did by breaking out “Gallery” from GrdConnect”) please discuss with your group and do so if desired.
  • You should now start creating subfolders within your group top-level folder in DC Comm – Master Image Collection, and adding images
  • Name these subfolders in the longname format for subfolders:
  • Can we all try to get a few (10-20, or more : -) fresh images uploaded by Friday March 12?

Important Notes

  • Anyone with access to the Shared Drive (DC Comm Master Images) can view, but only view, all folders and files 
  • Google Shared Drive does have four additional (pretty granular) levels of permissions to manage everything but viewing, that list is published in the Design Guide: Image Collections on Shared Drives, Workflow, Roles
  • People from outside our immediate groups are likely to want to view and get permission to use a group’s images:
    • For now, I suggest we use the top level folder: “01 Images for Publication”
    • Or should we have two shared drives for images and content?
      • one for DC and DMC staff (use MCommunity Groups to manage access)
      • one that is either for the “U-M Community” or that is completely public
  • “Sometime soon” I will re-upload images I have placed in the WP Media Library with longnamed versions

On Transferring Files (workflow)

  • The MM identifies an original image, “DSC_1234.JPG” to use on the website and makes edits to it.
  • The MM renames the original file “DSC_1234.JPG” using the longname format and leaves it in the sub-folder it was created in (one reason for leaving the device filename in the longname):
  • Unfortunately, the workflow into the WPMedia Library requires the MM to download a copy of the image to their desktop and then drag-drop or upload into the Media Library
  • Once in the Media Library, WP can search on attributes of the longname for sorting, and for identification.
  • I’ve done some research on the possibility of uploading directly from a Google Shared Drive
    • the only way I’ve discovered requires plug-ins (here is one: “External Media” – More Description of) that we don’t have (I’ll make a request).
    • There is also a kluge using Google Backup and sync (or DropBox Desktop and maybe iCloud) which still involves your desktop as one step – so not much effort saved. 
    • FYI – I’ve been keeping the images I uploaded to Media Library on my desktop 

Permissions Levels for a Google Shared Drive (U-M enterprise G-Suite service)
PermissionManagerContent ManagerContributorCommenterViewer
Can view files and folders
Can comment on files
Can edit files
Can create and add files, can create folders
Can add people and groups to specific files
Can restore files from the Trash (up to 30 days)
Can move files from My Drive to a shared drive
Can move files and folders to the Trash
Can move files and folders within a shared drive
Can add people and groups to specific folders in a shared drive
Can move files from one shared drive to another shared drive
Can add or remove members of a shared drive
Can change member access levels
Can permanently delete files in the Trash