CVGA: Courses with Games Studies components

Student looking at Pacman game screen
If you are interested in the roles of games and game theory in academic studies, the University of Michigan is offering a rich variety of game-related courses during the Summer and Fall 2021 terms. Val Waldron, Computer & Video Game Archive Manager, provides an extensive list of U-M courses with

Microbial Masterpieces

Image of a Winogradsky column created for the exhibit Microbial Masterpieces - awarded a 2020 Experiments In Translation Grant
“Microbial Masterpieces”, the recipient project of the 2020 Experiments in Translation Grant, is a project devoted to helping people understand the importance of the microbial world through art and science communication.   Winogradsky Panel The project began with the construction a giant Winogradsky panel, an apparatus for culturing diverse communities of