Carvey CNC

Carvey Desktop CNC

From mills to lathes to industrial grinders and more, there are many types of CNC machines each with their own unique capabilities. The Fabrication Studio offers 2 types of CNC machines; a Bantam Printed Circuit Board (PCB) cutter, and a Carvey 3 axis router. 

The Carvey is a light duty, entry level 3-axis mill designed to cut a variety of flat stock materials. Carvey’s Easel design application has a simple interface which is intended to get you started quickly.

Understanding the Technology

What is CNC: Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining is a process where pre-programmed computer software directs the movement of factory tools and machinery, like lathes, mills and routers. 

CNC Materials: Pre-cut flat wood, plastic stock and PCB board.

CNC Benefits: CNC is used by many industries because it offers a high level of automation, greater accuracy and repeatability over the manual machining processes. 

CNC Disadvantages: CNC programming requires an understanding of the manual machining process, raising the barrier to entry beyond other manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing.

Carvey Specifications

  • Spindle: 300 DC – 12,000 RPM
  • ER-11 Collet: accepts bits with a 1/8″ shank
  • Work Area: 11.6 x 8 x 2.75 in
  • Accuracy: 0.003″
  • Spindle runout: 0.001″
  • Motor resolution: 0.001″ or greater on all axes
  • Work area flatness: ±0.020″
  • Control Software: Easel


The Carvey is available by reservation to certified faculty, students, and staff for academic, research, and personal project use. The Carvey is a desktop CNC and is not intended for volume production.

Learn How to Use the Carvey CNC Mill

To learn how to design for, safely operate, and earn your operator certification, please visit our online Canvas course. Additional learning materials are available in the Ground Connection Knowledge Base.

Reserve a Desktop CNC Mill

The Desktop CNC mills are available by reservation only. To reserve a CNC mill, check the Reservation Calendar for CNC mill availability and reserve your spot via the Reservation Request Form. We will respond with a confirmation as soon as possible.

Reserving equipment in the Fabrication Studio is a 3 step process:

  1. Earn the appropriate Equipment Certification; see our Canvas course.
  2. Check the equipment schedule on the Resource Calendar.
  3. Reserve time using the Reservation Request Form.