Epilog Fusion Pro

Fusion Pro Laser Cutter

The Epilog Fusion Pro is a quality laser cutter that uses simple 2D raster and vector images to generate tool paths. Laser cutters, such as the Fusion Pro, are often used to mark the surface of a material, a.k.a. etching or engraving, or to quickly cut complex parts leaving a clean edge with a very high-quality surface finish. The Fusion Pro is quick, and uses inexpensive materials, making it an ideal platform for prototyping needs and for those learning manufacturing processes.

Understanding the Technology

What is Laser Cutting: Laser cutting is the process of using a focused beam of laser light to cut and/or engrave items from flat sheets of material such as plastic, fabrics, or wood. A laser cutter works by focusing the energy output of a laser tube through a series of optics to a very thin, very high energy beam of invisible light.

Laser Cutting Materials: Acrylic & laser safe wood products up to 3/8″ thick can be cut on the Fusion Pro.  Acrylic, wood, cotton fabric and glass can be etched.

Laser Cutting Benefits: Under proper use, laser cutters provide high precision manufacturing that is clean and safe. Results are accurate and repeatable.

Laser Cutting Disadvantages: If improperly used, laser cutters can pose a risk to one’s health and others due to the high risk of fire and inhalation of toxic fumes. Additionally, our material stock is in the form of thin flat sheets limiting the cutter to simple 2D shapes.  

Fusion Pro Specifications

  • Technology – 60 watt air-cooled CO2 laser tubes
  • Operating Modes – Optimized raster, vector or combined
  • Engraving Area – 24” x 24 x 9” (609 x 609 x 228 mm)
  • Resolution – User controlled from 75 to 1200 dpi

Availability and Pricing

The Fusion Pro is available for academic, research, and personal project use. It is not intended for production. There is no charge to use the laser cutter but you must bring your own approved material.

Learn How to use the Fusion Pro

To learn how to design for, safely operate, and earn your laser cutter operator certification, please visit our online Canvas course. Additional learning materials are available in the Ground Connection Knowledge Base.

Reserve the Fusion Pro

The laser cutter is available to certified users by reservation only. To reserve the laser cutter, check the calendar below for laser availability, then complete the Reservation Request form. We will respond with confirmation as soon as possible.

Reserving equipment in the Fabrication Studio is a 3 step process:

  1. Earn the appropriate Equipment Certification; see our Canvas Course
  2. Check the equipment schedule on the Resource Calendar
  3. Reserve time using the Reservation Request Form