Solder Station

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Solder Station

The Fabrication Underground’s Solder Station is equipped with a soldering iron, a multimeter, and basic tools & consumable items to get you up and running quickly. 

Multimeter | Soldering Station | Solder | Hot Air Gun | Solder Wick | Solder Sucker & De-soldering Iron | Fume Extractor | Magnifying Lamp

Understanding the Technology

Soldering Iron – The Hakko FX-100 utilizes High-Frequency Induction Heating (IH) selectable temperature controlled soldering tips. Unlike resistance-based heating systems that control temperature by turning heater power on and off via a sensor, with an induction heating system the soldering tip itself produces heat and maintains a constant temperature, enabling a small soldering tip to handle high thermal capacity, high-density substrates.

Multimeter – The Keysight U1242C provides durable construction, a built-in LED flashlight, and up to 400 hours of battery life. The U1240C can be easily connected to the Meter Logger software that runs on a PC via Infrared (IR)-to-USB cable, or wirelessly to iOS or Android smart devices with the optional Keysight Remote Link Bluetooth solution.

Magnifier Lamp – Luxo LED magnifier Lamp is a low power lighting solution to provide a comfortable, flexible work environment.

Fume Extractor – Oki Fume Extractor is a two-arm air filtration HEPA unit designed for solder fumes providing an efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 micron that includes an activated carbon filter providing a maximum free-blowing air flow of 250 m /h (150 cfm).


The Solder Station is available by reservation to certified faculty, students, and staff for academic, research, and personal project use.

Learn How to Use the Solder Station

To learn how to safely operate the Solder Station and earn your operator certification, please visit our online Canvas course. Additional learning materials are available in the Ground Connection Knowledge Base.

Reserve the Solder Station

The Solder Station is available to certified users by reservation only. To reserve the Solder Station, check the Reservation Calendar for Solder Station availability and reserve your spot via the Reservation Request Form. We will respond with a confirmation as soon as possible.

Reserving equipment in the Fabrication Underground is a 3 step process:

  1. Earn the appropriate Equipment Certification; see our Canvas course.
  2. Check the equipment schedule on the Resource Calendar.
  3. Reserve time using the Reservation Request Form.