The Technology
Woodshop Specifications


A small woodshop is available to support the needs of basic woodworking projects. We encourage you to bring your own materials and recycle/reuse material from our scrap bin. When you are done with your project feel free to leave usable scrap materials for others to use as well.

Understanding the Technology

The Woodshop in the Fabrication Underground is equipped with a variety of hand tools, rotary tools, a battery powered jigsaw, and a battery powered drill. When used properly, hand tools can be quite effective, safe, and easy to use.

Woodshop Specifications

  • Four 48″ x 72″ work surfaces
  • Measuring devices  – Dial Calipers, Measuring Tape, Squares
  • Hand powered tools – Wood Chisels, Wrenches, Files, Hammers, Saws, Pliers, Utility Knives, Wire Strippers, Screw Drivers, and Wood Drill


The Woodshop is available to faculty, students, and staff for academic, project, and personal use.

Learn How to Use the Woodshop and Hand Tools

To learn how to safely use the Woodshop and earn your certification, please visit our online Canvas course. Additional learning materials are available in the Ground Connection Knowledge Base.

Reserve the Woodshop

The Woodshop is available to certified users by reservation only. To reserve time in the Woodshop, check the Reservation Calendar for woodshop availability and reserve your spot via the Reservation Request Form. We will respond with a confirmation as soon as possible.

Reserving equipment in the Fabrication Underground is a 3 step process:

  1. Earn the appropriate Equipment Certification; see our Canvas course.
  2. Check the equipment schedule on the Resource Calendar.
  3. Reserve time using the Reservation Request Form.