Poster Shop

The Poster Shop, located at the Consultant Desk within GroundWorks, is a first-come, first-serve printing facility that offers high-quality, large-format color posters, with an emphasis on conference or academic poster printing. It is open for printing 9 a.m. through 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Our paper is 36″ wide, and we charge $8.78 per linear foot, rounded up to the nearest half-foot, plus tax. Posters are printed in-person on a first-come, first-served basis — starting from the time your file enters the print server queue. We do not accept print requests by email. When printing in the lab, be sure to bring in your original poster file in case any edits need to be made before printing. There is always a chance of running into unexpected problems when printing, so we recommend printing your poster several days ahead of schedule.

We accept all major credit cards, U-M Purchasing Cards (P-Cards), and university short codes. We are unable to accept cash. All users must bring in a valid U-M MCard to process payment. To pay for a poster with a departmental account, you will be asked to show a valid MCard, and provide the short code number and administrative contact information for the account. To conduct a P-Card transaction for someone other than the cardholder, the designee must bring: a signed letter from the cardholder — written on department letterhead — stating the maximum amount to be charged, and the name of the individual authorized to use the card.