Test Post: How to prepare “Level 3” Posts for the Homepage

For Level 3 Posts there are placeholders for 6 total.

This is a test post for the homepage’s “Level 3” Latest Posts category. For Web Editors it describes how to prepare posts for publication on the homepage. It also describes how the homepage is structured and settings the Homepage Editor will use to display it in one of five Latest Block sections of the homepage.

  • Level 3 posts are suggested for standing notices, e.g., “The Groundworks Orientation is now on Canvas”
  • By default, there are 6 placeholders for Level 3 posts on the homepage. The Homepage editor may add more if needed. If there are fewer than 6 posts, empty placeholders will not be visible.
  • Level 3 posts will display with:
    • Headline Only
    • NO excerpt
    • NO image
  • The Level 3 Headline must link to another Post, however short. It cannot point directly to a Page.

Web Editors:
When you have created a post that you wish to appear on the homepage:

Image of the "Categories" settings for a Latest Posts block
  • While in Edit Mode, go to the settings menu in the right sidebar and select “Post” at the top.
  • In the “Categories” setting, under SEARCH CATEGORIES scroll to “__Teams” and select your team’s category ID.
  • When your post is complete, publish it and send the Homepage Editor the link to your post (when in “View” mode) and suggestions for placing it on the homepage.
  • Your post will not appear on the homepage until the Homepage Editor assigns it one or more Homepage Categories. See the Map of the “Latest Post” sections on the Homepage (below).
  • The Homepage Editor may choose to display your post in multiple locations on the homepage by applying additional categories.

Homepage Editor:
Default settings for “Latest Post” blocks displaying Level 3 posts:

  • One post per block
  • Level 3 “Latest Posts” block settings with red checkmarks must be manually set or confirmed.
  • Other block settings are the default for the “Latest Posts” block
  • A diagram showing the layout of all Latest Post blocks on the homepage is below.
  • Any unused blocks only display when a post has been labeled with one of the above categories. An unused Latest Posts block will not be visible.
  • There are six “Level 3” Latest placeholders in the homepage for posts in the “Feature” category.
  • You have the option to add more Level 3 blocks – each will require creating a new Category with name format “Level 3-N”, with the “__Homepage Posts” as parent.

Latest Post block settings to display “Level 3” posts

Settings for homepage "Latest Posts" blocks to display posts in the "Level 3" category

Level 3″ Post Settings

  • Headline only
  • NO Excerpt
  • NO Image

A map of “Latest Post” sections on the homepage:

A diagram showing the layout of "Latest Posts" blocks on the DC homepage in a 3-column layout