Now online: Art by Michigan Prisoners 25th Annual Exhibition

Painting "The Young Old Men at KCF" (copyrighted) by Oliger Merko, from the 25th Prison Creative Arts Project Exhibit. March, 2021

The 25th Annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners has concluded its virtual events, but all 790 works exhibited are now available for online viewing in the program’s digital collection.

Online exhibit launches March 16, 2021

Poster announcing the 25th Annual Prison Creative Arts Project exhibit

The pandemic halted the 25th Annual Exhibition days before it was scheduled to open in March 2020. The Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) is excited to bring you the 2020 show in a new digital gallery. The exhibit goes live March 16, 2021.

Artwork sales appointments will be available March 17–March 31, 2021. Visitors can book sales appointments on the exhibit website. Sales will be made by phone, and all artwork will be shipped to customers. Artists set their own prices and receive 100% of net sales revenue.

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