November 4 – Extended Reality for Everybody

graphic of the XR initiative logo
Virtual Event – November 4, 2021 at 11 a.m.

Featured Faculty and Staff:

Michael Nebeling, Assistant Professor of Information, School of Information and Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering, and
Jeremy Nelson, Director, XR Initiative, Center for Academic Innovation.

Attendees can expect to learn:

– Very brief overview of XR tech and promising applications
– How the Future of Work will be impacted by XR
– How Social VR is used for collaboration
– Considerations for Accessibility in XR
– Privacy and Security
– How Virtual Production brings XR to the world
– What is the Metaverse and why should I care?

Attendees are encouraged to submit questions for the panelist(s) at the time of registration and we will do our best to answer them during the event.

More information and registration for this online event (ZOOM)

A virtual faculty speaker series for fall 2021, the Michigan Online Visionary Educators (MOVE) is sponsored by the Center for Academic Innovation