Recent Event – Interarts Live Art Survey final project video now online.

Poster Image for Interarts LiveStream Performance, December 10, 2021

Updated December 11, 2021. The Live Art Survey course, performance art event of December 10, 2021, is now online at the Interarts Vimeo Account.  The Live Art Survey Course is part of The Interarts Performance program.

The event is the culmination of a semester-long investigation of the history of performance art and experimental theater. We have viewed, discussed, researched, written about, experimented with and participated in a wide variety of live art events from past to present. Visiting artists for the semester have included Arturo Herrera (a.k.a. Cherry Wood), Radiohole, Patty Gone and Rah Eleh. These performances are reinterpretations of some of the works that we have studied. Be prepared for an event filled with experimentation, vulnerability, and the UNEXPECTED!!

Poster design created by Elaine Cho.