Giving Blueday Update: Make a gift to the Duderstadt Center anytime

Giving Blueday Banner

Updated March 18, 2022. If you were planning to make a gift on Giving Blueday it’s not too late. The Giving Blueday web site experienced higher than expected traffic and some of you may not have had a chance to make your planned gift. To do so now, follow this link to the “Search Funds” page of Michigan Online Giving. To make a gift to the DC search for “Duderstadt Enrichment Fund” or enter our fund ID: 315654. Thank you for Giving Blue!

This Wednesday, March 16th, is Giving Blueday, your opportunity to change the lives of students at the University of Michigan (U-M). Moreover, it is a once-a-year opportunity for all U-M faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends, fans, and family to come together to show their support for the resources that have supported them. One of those amazing resources is the James and Anne Duderstadt Center (DC).

If you made movies or mixed music; if you have donned goggles to travel to virtual worlds; if you have leapt tall buildings with the help of a green screen; or spent time contemplating artwork that was destined for space travel … then you have likely spent time in the DC. Dubbed one of the “cool buildings” on campus, the DC provides cutting edge technologies, supported by experienced and passionate staff, to the entire U-M community.

So, whether you’ve had the opportunity to use the DC to teach or take classes; study or work; or make and create using our advanced technologies and expert staff, we ask that you consider making a gift to the Duderstadt Enrichment Fund on Wednesday. Your gift can help us provide stipends for student work and awards; maintain and enhance our technology; and support students and faculty in their learning and teaching endeavors.

With many thanks and appreciation for your consideration,

Kati Bauer

Chief Operating Officer, Duderstadt Center
Senior Counselor to the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation