Study space options in the DC: quiet study area now open on the Lower Level

Plan of DC Lower Level showing new temporary quiet study space

As we near the end of the term, the Duderstadt Center is very busy.  If you prefer a quieter, less crowded study space, there are additional (temporary) tables in the lower level of the building.  There are no public computers in this space but various single and multi-person tables to study.  Some tables have power nearby.

Computer workstations are a limited resource within the Duderstadt Center.  For desks on the main and upper levels of the Duderstadt Center equipped with computer workstations, those students who need access to a computer workstation should be given priority over other students who do not.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Never been in the DC’s Lower Level? Take one of the elevators in the Atrium (admire the artwork on the walls viewed through the glass walls!). Or use the stairway to the left (northeast) of the Information Desk. While you’re on the Lower Level pop into the all-new Fabrication Underground 3-D and electronics fabrication facility.