Resources for Artists



The CCA Gallery is located in the Central Collaboration Area of the Duderstadt Center (DC), an open area with great visibility. Centered among the creative spaces of the DC including the Design Labs, Groundworks and the Visualization Studio; venues known for sparking ideas, providing tools for design and construction, and bringing people together.

Work that we accept: 

  • 2-D work
  • We can provide displays for 3-D, digital, and time-based pieces on a case-by-case basis. 

What we provide:

  • Exhibition space
  • Set up and take-down of all artwork
  • Track & rod system and hardware to hang 2D artwork (both framed and unframed)
  • Labels for artwork 
  • Promotion for shows
  • Use of the CCA space (when available) for programming and events related to the exhibit 
  • Instructional support and advice on how to prepare work for hanging
  • Referrals to campus, student, and community organizations that may provide support and materials for printing, matting, and framing work 
  • We plan to assemble a network of resources that we can direct students to, when we cannot meet their needs
  • Archival record of the exhibit on the Duderstadt Center website 

What we do not provide:

  • Art supplies or printing materials
  • Mats
  • Frames*
  • Transportation of artwork to and from the Duderstadt Center
  • Storage of artwork before and after shows
  • Catering or speaker honorariums for exhibit openings or other events/programming related to the exhibit
  • Security, or insurance for artwork displayed in our public space that is open 24/7 [artists willingly accept the risk of damage or theft]

*We have a very limited number of inexpensive frames of various sizes, which we are willing to loan out for shows based on availability and need. However, we expect that the majority of work we receive will be ready to hang, and exhibitors should not expect us to provide mats and frames. 

For those who cannot easily access or afford the necessary materials, we encourage reusing and recycling old materials, as well as student-to-student mutual aid practices. We will do our best to provide referrals to organizations that may be able to provide low- or no-cost materials for finishing and preparing art for hanging. 

Floorplan with location.