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The James and Anne Duderstadt Center

Fabrication Studio

The Duderstadt Center's Fabrication Studio provides the UM community resources to transform ideas into physical reality. You will find work surfaces, hand tools, several types of 3D printers, a laser cutter, a small CNC router, a 3D laser scanner, computers, and electronic workbenches ready to handle a variety of activities. If you are looking for class support, have questions, or need a little help, knowledgeable staff are available to assist you.

3D Printing

PrintrBot Play (FFF)

PrintrBot closed shop on July 18, 2018. We continued to operate a small but dwindling fleet of PrintrBot Plays until the last remaining 3d printer failed in August 2019. This service has been retired.


Ultimaker 3 (FFF)

The Ultimaker 3 offers user friendly features such as auto-bed leveling, a front facing USB port, and a simple user interface that make it an ideal platform to learn additive manufacturing. The Ultimaker 3 is tightly integrated with Cura, the most popular open source slicer application. Those who are a bit more experienced can take advantage of the Ultimakers dual heads for 2 color printing or to create more advanced geometries with water soluble support structure. The Ultimaker 3 is a perfect solution for class support and will be available by reservation only.

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Form 2 (SLA)

The Form 2 provides a cost-effective option to high resolution 3d printing. Choose from a palette of colors or selection of engineering materials with properties similar to materials like ABS, polypropylene, and rubber. The Form 2 offers high quality surface finish and feature resolution unmatched by standard filament based 3D printing machines. 

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Dimension Elite (FDM)

The Dimension Elite produces low-fidelity ABS plastic parts which are ideal for fixtures, cases, and other bulky parts that require some strength, impact resistance yet do not require a high level of detail, tight tolerances, or smooth surfaces. A dissolvable support structure allows complex geometries such as overhangs, parts inside of other parts, and even moving mechanisms!

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ProJet 3500 HD Max (MJP)

The ProJet is a very high resolution multi jet 3d printer capable of producing USP Class VI bio-compatible rated parts from it’s ‘M3 Crystal’ acrylic base resin. The ProJet is ideal for parts that are to be worn against the skin, surgical cut guides, tight tolerances, high feature detail, and thin walls. The ProJet is not suitable for large parts or 3d printing on a budget as one can expect to pay 4x over other processes.

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Stratasys J750 (Polyjet)

The J750 is a high resolution 3d printer capable of digitally blending up to 6 materials. The J750 produces smooth surfaces, thin walls and complex geometries in a wide range of materials to include flexible, heat resistant, tough, transparent, or opaque parts with up to 360,000 colors.

Use of this 3D printer is made possible by the College of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor Filipov’s Deployable and Reconfigurable Lab.

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Laser Cutting

Epilog Helix

With its generous 18" x 24" work area, the Helix is ideal for cutting thin sheets of acrylic and wood, or etching fabric and glass. Its powerful 60 watt CO2 laser tube quickly and precisely vaporizes material up to 3/8" thick leaving a clean edge with a very high-quality surface finish. 

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3D Scanning

NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner HD

Need a quick but accurate 3d scan? The NextEngine might be the right tool for you. The NextEngine is a compact high resolution 3d laser scanner scaner that is easy to use. The autodrive turn table can capture small objects in 360 degrees. For larger objects the scanner can be tripod mounted and moved to capture multiple angles.

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CNC Router

Inventables Carvey

The Carvey is a fully enclosed easy to use 3-axis desktop milling machine that features automatic calibration, built-in material settings and simple software. It's simplicity and ease of use make the Carvey a great introduction to machining!

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Electronic Workbench

The Electronic Workbench is equipped with many of the common tools needed for your electronics projects to include:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Programmable DC Power Supply
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Multimeter
  • Magnifier Lamp
  • Fume Extractor

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Workbench & Hand Tools


The space is furnished with work surfaces and hand tools to support the needs of basic woodworking and metalworking projects. 4 hardwood work surfaces with a high load capacity are located in the studio, one of which has been lowered for easy accessibility.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are housed in tool holders next to the workbenches. Each hand tool is labeled and guides can be found on this page on their proper/safe use.

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