All In Your Head

Neuroarts Performance Poster

RECENT EVENT: Duderstadt Center Video Studio
Friday, February 9, 2024
6:00 p.m.

An interdisciplinary performance presented by NeuroArts Productions. Live stream available.

What if we moved beyond the one-size-fits-all treatment system in mental health care? What if we began to bridge the gap between a individual’s unique brain makeup, their life experience, and their treatment? How can we use the arts to challenge stigma and the idea that mental illness is “all in your head?”

Join us for the premiere of the All In Your Head Project at the Duderstadt Video Studio at 6 p.m. A new four-movement work that explores the mental health care system, the science of depression, and the inner landscapes of the brain, using visual art, dance, and live jazz compositions.

Think: sonic representations of neural communication, brain scans as graphic scores for real-time improvisation, dance to mirror the experience of the trial-and-error treatment system, and more.

The performance is followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with leading researchers in neuroscience, psychiatry, neuroarts, and performance.

Created and directed by Sasha Gusikhin
Composed by Liam Charron and Cameron Wilson
Choreographed by Madison Rogers
Visual Design by SinYu Deng
Science Advising by Lucas Tittle