Design for Participation – World Wide Tea [2]

Poster for World Wide Tea 02.13 - 23.2024

Duderstadt Center Gallery
February 14 – 23, 2024
Opening Reception: Friday, February 16, at 5:00 p.m.

Our UARTS Faculty Engineering/Arts Student Team (FEAST) explores the Design for Participation theory and practices. We ideate, prototype, and test interactive models to advance this design domain.

Presently, our team is exploring the idea of tea being a conduit of connection for humans in the “World Wide Tea” exhibit series, a collaborative project between students from the School of Information, College of Engineering, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and the Stamps School of Art and Design. The project aims to create a fresh approach to designing museum exhibitions. The Duderstadt Center Gallery is used as a playground to observe how visitors engage with the artifacts while learning about the world of tea culture, re-establishing personal relationships, and evoking memories.

Tea as a cultural staple has a variety of meanings and significance across communities and popular media. It has played an important role in art across genres, including paintings, graphics, and motion art. Filled with meanings, tea in media provides a rich landscape to communicate with audiences. The “World Wide Tea” exhibit compiles and promotes the exploration of these meanings through video art and the use of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) in conjunction with design elements. This exhibit, in particular, allows patrons to interact with artifacts (teacups) to learn and connect on many tea varieties and preparation methods and their role within modern culture.

Design Collective

  • Anantika Sethi
  • Hannah Guan
  • Hilda Wang
  • Isha Wadhavkar
  • Jinnan Chen
  • Rosalie Morrissey
  • Sabrina Qingyuan Niu
  • Stella Qianzi Li

Faculty Lead

  • Vadim Besprozvany 

Design Lead

  • Jessie Zhou


  • Elena Godin

Past participants:

Zahra Basha, Soo Ji Choi, Renee Du, Astrid Ge, Pratik Mangtani, Aditya Mankare, Tiffanie Maust, Rhea Mehra, Anshika Saxena, Harry Shi, Jay Shin, Rebecca Xu, Josh Horowitz, Dev Lamba, Lynette Li, Anna Zhou, Mansanjam Kaur, Stella Peng